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Not limited to any specific topics, the topics are far reaching while unfearingly touching on any subject. With a highly diversified catalog of poems that successfully shows off a quick wit and deep intellectual thought, Miko is one of the most sought after poets in Oklahoma with her ability to provoke thought, provide inspiration and a few laughs in her performances!

About Miko The Artist

Miko White was born and raised in Tulsa, OK. Compared to most she has only... recently begun to perfect her writing skills and apply them to the art of poetry writing within the past 6 years. 

• She has been the featured Poet in several showcases- 2006/Present
• Featured articles in the Tulsa World newspaper, Examiner.com an online entertainment News Guide and The Oklahoma Eagle- 2006/present
• Released her first CD- “Spoken Word Vol I”-June 2007
• Launched first self- published Book entitled “Spoken Word for the Soul”- March 2010 (available on Amazon.com)
• Featured public speaker at Edison High School (Tulsa, Ok) promoting literacy -March 2010
• Co- host of the BET vs. Comic View Comedy show featuring Comedian Tony Woods from BET’s Comic View- November 2011
• She hosted “Tulsa’s Louder than a Bomb”, an educational organization and the largest Poetry Youth Slam in the Nation- January 2012
• Casted in the original play “Noni Klutch”, which she held 3 star roles- March 2012
• Expostyles Exposure Magazine’s Hair and Beauty Guide’s cover Model – April 2012

Through her touring opportunities she has successfully began to promote her own show (Miko’s Poetry Café) under a number of themes. This helps showcase her brilliant talents as well as give other local artists exposure.


TWOMAN  (Excerpt)

Beauty of the highest order, continents split at the border, whether brick or stick mud mortar, Queen in any home, a humble seat on the ground or a majestic temple throne, the womb of manifesting spirit, making room for more black, it's the clearest back drop to witness infinite creation, expanding pure elation, veins pump the pulse of the nation, the source can be read in the DNA, the voice can be heard in the DNA, one eye meditate, inner sight dedicates vision to follow a mission to strengthen my sons my daughters, ocean waters glisten with sunlight just as blood christened chains, and swords, ships and whips, Sharks feast upon warriors and princesses, kings and tribe mothers, sisters and brothers, but, I made multiplication a trend, I made the destroyer scared that we don't end, I made my people grin, I made my seed my friend, I made my smile stronger than the wind, I made my path submit to my command, I made my voice...


We Built This Country  (Excerpt)

We built this country, we built this country with blood, sweat and tears, built this country, built this country with blood sweat and tears…Free labor wouldn’t save us, made us inferior when they wear inferiority with pride. This country was built from lies. This country was bought and paid for that we slaved for. This country hurts a lot a bit and we can’t do shit. Is it too late? Will God and faith be our savior? Who will be favored when judgment day comes? Who will take responsibility, who will try to run? This country is a façade. This country will murder Michael brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra bland, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Dontre Hamilton, John Crawford, Tanisha Anderson, Eric Harris, because they were born black. The murderers who we pay to protect and serve will not get indicted. We’ve been slighted. This country will fake an Islamic attack. This country screams freedom and justice for all however, we have yet to be free and justice is only just when not for us...


We Connect  (Excerpt)

There is something divine about a FRIENDSHIP that has no restrictions, no judgments, and no jurisdictions We connect There is something spiritual about a LOVESHIP that allows for mistakes, cause’s heartaches but in conclusion it all bowls down…. We connect There is something about a HUMAN who is confident in who they are knows what they want and how to get it and keep it….. We Connect There is something powerful in the connection of the mind of two souls who are deep thinkers, out of space dreamers, passionate lovers, being the best thems they can be, universal mind controllers, 4am scrollers, global paradigm shifters, spirit lifters, transparent players, don’t give a funk about the naysayers, third eye keepers, power to our people be’rs, awake and alive, its hard but constantly strive to Just BE We connect There is something tasteful, there is something magical We connect...

Live Love Pray

Miko The Artist Ft Mz.Val
(Shot By King Spencer)


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